Is Cyclops in Dr Strange 2? (2023)

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Does Dr Strange 2 have two secret endings?

However, Waldron revealed there was an alternate ending where Strange didn't make it back to Earth-616. He explained: "Strange gets trapped in that [incursion] universe... and then [Sinister Strange] turns around, and the third eye opens."

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Is Cyclops in Doctor Strange 2?

Another former X-Men actor has confirmed he won't appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. James Marsden spoke to Black Girl Nerds while promoting Sonic 2, and the conversation soon turned to his role as Cyclops from the original X-Men films.

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Who was in the extra scene in Dr Strange 2?

Doctor Strange 2 brings another major star into the MCU in its mid-credit scene in the form of the one and only Charlize Theron.

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What does the third eye mean at the end of Doctor Strange 2?

It represents the wisdom of the sorcerer Agamotto and his fellow Vishanti, allowing Strange to see his enemies' true intentions and break magical illusions. Doctor Strange's third eye is originally a sign of a higher level of consciousness, and it can only be used by those whose souls are devoid of corruption.

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Who is the little girl at the end of Doctor Strange 2?

It's none other than Charlize Theron, playing Clea, the daughter of Dormammu, the big, fiery villain from the first Doctor Strange movie. Or at least, she's the daughter of Dormammu in the comics.

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What is the scariest part of Doctor Strange 2?

The Death of Sinister Strange

And though this brutal demise was already enough to earn a spot on this list, it's immediately followed up by Sinister Strange's third eye popping open one last time, giving Christine a fright. The “not quite dead” scare is a classic horror movie moment, and it's utilized well here.

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Who is the real villain in Doctor Strange 2?

Menacing the Multiverse

While the identity of the villainous mastermind targeting America Chavez is initially a mystery, it doesn't take long for Doctor Strange to figure out that it's none other than the Scarlet Witch herself, Wanda Maximoff, behind the attacks.

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Who is the black hero in Dr. Strange 2?

While we can all agree that Blackagar Boltagon is a silly name, the hero is also known for his moniker, Black Bolt. As the leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt is one of Marvel Comic's original members of the Illuminati. So, it's not exactly a surprise that Black Bolt is also part of the MCU version of the secret group.

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Why there was no Tom Cruise in Doctor Strange 2?

The reason why Tom Cruise didn't appear in Doctor Strange 2 as Iron Man wasn't that it wasn't considered, but that it didn't seem possible. Speaking with Rolling Stone, screenwriter Michael Waldron liked the idea of including an Iron Man cameo using Cruise, but it wasn't pursued due to scheduling conflicts.

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How many endings does Dr Strange 2 have?

How many credits scenes does “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” have? It has two, which is about the average for most Marvel Studios movies. (Remember when “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2” had five credits scenes?)

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Who is the guy at the wedding in Doctor Strange 2?

At the start of the film, we see Christine Palmer's wedding, and as she's marrying Charlie, we see Michael Waldron plays his best man. Waldron is a neat cameo because he is the writer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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Who was the guy with the fork on his head in Dr Strange 2?

Throughout his comic run, Black Bolt would meet everyone from Scarlett Witch to Kang to the X-Men—and, of course, Dr. Strange. As in the movie, Black Bolt wears a tuning fork on his forehead to help channel his powers.

Is Cyclops in Dr Strange 2? (2023)
Why did Wanda turn evil?

Director Sam Raimi and writer Michael Waldron, as well as Marvel apologists, argue that Wanda is victim to stages of grief, which amounts to an incongruent Scarlet Witch committing mass murder and regresses Wanda to a manipulative archetype desperate to be a mother again.

Why is Wanda evil Dr Strange 2?

Wanda was neither an evil being nor was she the real antagonist. Wanda was only a villain because the Darkhold corrupted her. Compared to the threat of a Sinister Strange in the making, the Scarlet Witch was only grieving on her terms.

Is Scarlet Witch a villain?

Does Scarlet Witch Become a Villain? The short answer is, yes, multiple times throughout the comics. The extent of her antagonism in Avengers Disassembled is extreme; through a chain reaction of events set in motion by chaos magic, she causes the violent deaths of Vision, Ant-Man, and Hawkeye.

Is America Chavez stronger than Wanda?

Her unique nature makes her capable of manifesting energy that's at least strong enough to challenge Scarlet Witch. America Chavez's ability to oppose someone as insanely powerful as Wanda Maximoff speaks volumes about her capabilities (even if she didn't win).

Is Clea Dr Strange wife?

Created by co-plotters Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Clea first appeared in the Doctor Strange feature in Strange Tales #126 (November 1964). She is a sorceress, the disciple, lover, and eventual wife of Doctor Stephen Strange, and his successor as Sorcerer Supreme.

Is Clea powerful than Scarlet Witch?

However, because not even Doctor Strange was able to help Scarlet Witch contain her powers in House of M, it seems Clea and Scarlet Witch may be neck-to-neck in terms of who is more powerful.

Who loves Wanda?

WandaVision is all about the dramatic, complicated romance between Avengers heroes Scarlet Witch and Vision. Their romance has defined them both for the better part of four decades, and into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Will nightmare be the villain in Dr Strange 2?

MCU: First Look at Nightmare Supervillain Deleted From Doctor Strange 2. It's been known for many years that director Scott Dickerson and writer C. Robert Cargill originally wished to include Nightmare as the villain for the Doctor Strange sequel, but it supposedly never made it into any existing script.

Who was the best character in Doctor Strange 2?

The 8 Best Characters In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Ranked
  • 8/8 Christine Palmer.
  • 7/8 America Chavez.
  • 6/8 Captain Carter.
  • 5/8 Reed Richards.
  • 4/8 Professor X.
  • 3/8 Wong.
  • 2/8 Wanda Maximoff.
  • 1/8 Doctor Strange.
9 May 2022

Who betrayed Dr Strange?

In the comics, Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo was a Transylvanian nobleman and a student of the Ancient One, until he betrayed and tried to kill him. He once served Dormammu in order to receive additional power in order to kill Doctor Strange, thus making him Strange's nemesis.

Does Wanda 838 have powers?

Earth-838 Wanda's powers appear to have been awakened after she was possessed by Earth-616 Wanda, and this could lead her down the path to realizing her potential as the true ruler or destroyer of the multiverse.

Is Wanda dead in Dr Strange 2?

Ultimately, the Scarlet Witch seemingly sacrificed herself when she destroyed Wundagore Castle, leaving everyone to believe that she died in the rubble. Despite that, a hidden detail in the sequel's ending may hint that Wanda is still alive.

Who is Marvel's Illuminati?

A variation of the Illuminati appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022), This version of the group hails from Earth-838 and consists of its versions of Karl Mordo, Captain Peggy Carter, Black Bolt, Maria Rambeau / Captain Marvel, Reed Richards, and Charles Xavier.

Does Earth-838 have Avengers?

Marvel Studios producer Richie Palmer reveals why the Avengers do not appear on Earth-838 where Doctor Strange and America Chavez travel to.

Is Mephisto the villain in Doctor Strange 2?

Fans of the MCU were aflutter with rumours of Mephisto appearing in Disney Plus series WandaVision, and again in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Why was Loki not in Dr Strange 2?

In a recent interview with Variety, Waldron revealed that, although he would have loved to connect Doctor Strange 2 to Loki, it just didn't feel necessary.

Who is new Iron Man after Tony Stark?

Riri Williams was on the path to becoming the next Iron Man when Tony Stark chose her as his replacement after he was put into a coma during Civil War II.

Why there is no Loki in Doctor Strange 2?

It's clear that the Kang the Conqueror in charge of the TVA wants the multiverse to expand indefinitely, so Loki is likely being prevented from dealing with the multiverse in some way, just like the rest of the TVA.

What did Wanda say to Wanda?

In a tender moment, the alternate Wanda slowly approaches the distraught Scarlet Witch, tilts her head up, and says one brief line which allows the Scarlet Witch to be at peace and go home. It's an important moment, but one that may be tough to clearly hear. Wanda tells her: "Know that they'll be loved."

Is Tom Cruise Iron Man?

“I am Iron Man!” In another universe, the now-infamous line from the eponymous 2008 movie could have been spoken by Tom Cruise instead of Robert Downey Jr. The Top Gun actor was initially offered the role of Tony Stark, but ultimately turned it down due to wanting a certain level of control over production.

Is Dr Strange evil now?

At the end of "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," Stephen finds himself trapped in an alternate dimension doing battle with an "evil" version of himself. The Evil Strange has been corrupted by the influence of an ancient book of spells called The Darkhold, the MCU's version of The Necronomicon.

Who is LGBT in Doctor Strange 2?

Actor Xochitl Gomez plays America Chavez in the Doctor Strange 2. In the film the character Chavez is a teenager from another planet who has the ability to move between dimensions by punching open gateways. The film also acknowledges that Chavez is gay, as in the comics.

Who married Christine Multiverse of Madness?

Meeting Charlie

In 2018, Palmer survived the Snap and during the next five years, met a man named Charlie. They fell in love and agreed to get married to him.

Is Stan Lee in Multiverse of Madness?

Much like every film within the MCU, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness features a number of cameo appearances from characters that the audience has grown to know and love. The most known person to make a cameo in every MCU film up until his death was Stan Lee, the primary creative leader at Marvel Comics.

Would Black Bolt beat Wanda?

In Doctor Strange 2, Black Bolt's mouth was removed by Scarlet Witch. Panicked, Black Bolt tied to speak, causing his brain to implode from the power of his own voice, which was still destructive as ever. However, Black Bolt would likely have annihilated Wanda with a single word.

Who is the strongest Inhuman?

Mist Connections: The 20 Most Powerful Inhumans, Officially...
  • 8/20 GORGON. ...
  • 7/20 CRYSTAL. ...
  • 6/20 MEDUSA. ...
  • 5/20 AHURA. ...
  • 4/20 MAXIMUS. ...
  • 3/20 QUAKE. ...
  • 2/20 JAILER. ...
  • 1/20 BLACK BOLT. Black Bolt is the King of the Inhumans and has a voice that terrifies even the mightiest heroes.
29 Jun 2018

Who can defeat Black Bolt?

Black Bolt's brother, Maximus, is one of his oldest and most enduring foes. Maximus always coveted the throne of Attilan, and he never forgave Black Bolt for their parents' accidental death. Maximus is a powerful telepath and has been able to easily control other Inhumans, including Black Bolt himself, over the years.

Why is Wanda turning black?

Simple. It's because she was using the Darkhold. She was corrupted by its dark magic.

How did Captain Marvel lose to Wanda?

While the Captain Marvel of Earth-838 put up the biggest fight, she too was killed after Wanda crushed her beneath a massive statue, confirming that the Scarlet Witch is indeed the more powerful being.

Will Wanda return after multiverse of madness?

Therefore, it's safe to say that Scarlet Witch will ultimately make her comeback in the MCU. After all, Wanda was dubbed the crown jewel of the Multiverse Saga, which means that her story cannot end so soon.

Who defeated Wanda in Dr Strange 2?

The Stranges have a musical showdown, which Strange 616 wins. He then takes the Darkhold and uses its powers, taking over the dead body of the Strange from the movie's beginning. Together with Wong and Chavez, who realizes the true potential of her powers, they defeat Wanda, who destroys the Darkhold.

Why is Dr Strange weaker than Wanda?

In short, Wanda may be the most powerful, but Doctor Strange is more skilled and strategist. Even so, he would hardly be able to defeat his fellow sorceress by himself (something the new film makes very clear).

Is Xavier in Dr Strange 2?

It was truly a sight to behold for X-Men fans. Patrick Stewart made an obvious (even noted on his Twitter account) appearance as Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Stewart's was one among a number of exciting cameos, which will not be spoiled here.

Who can defeat Wanda?

Black Bolt could practically level an entire planet with one scream, so it would interesting to see how Wanda would handle such a powerful force coming her way. It is easy to think Wanda's abilities would find a way, but there is always the chance that Black Bolt could overwhelm her enough to destroy her in a fight.

Does Wanda turn good again?

Unfortunately by the time Wanda Maximoff is back, it's at the end of the movie; her act of redemption through sacrifice feels rushed and, frankly, cheap. Wanda Maximoff is the only Avenger who doesn't get to come back from being the worst version of herself.

How did Wanda get pregnant?

In the comics, Wanda and Vision get pregnant through magic — since Vision is a robot, that's seemingly their only option. They have twins named Thomas and William. However, it's eventually revealed that Tommy and Billy were actually created using fragments of the soul of a demon lord named Mephisto.

How many surprise endings are there in Dr Strange 2?

The film has two end-credits scenes, both featuring starry names.

Is there two after the credit endings in Doctor Strange multiverse of madness?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is no exception, boasting two post-credits sequences — one of which has major plot implications, while the other is a fun gag to reward fans for their patience.

Is there two end scenes in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has two extra scenes if you stick around after the credits start rolling.

Who is the Purple Lady in Dr Strange 2?

Clea is a being of immense magical power, as her lineage is connected to the race of the interdimensional beings known as the Faltine via her mother Umar. Umar also happens to be the sister of the dread Dormammu, who rules over the hellish reality called the Dark Dimension.

Does Doctor Strange 2 have Easter egg?

Doctor Strange 2 is packed with so many Easter eggs and, now that Multiverse of Madness, is on Disney Plus, it's easier than ever to uncover all of its secrets. There are comic book deep cuts, MCU references, and even nods to other Marvel movies outside of its sprawling cinematic universe.

Who is Charlize Theron at the end of Dr Strange 2?

Who is Clea in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Clea is a sorceress from Marvel Comics and is portrayed here by Charlize Theron. In the comics, Clea is a regular ally and sometimes love interest for Doctor Strange, so it makes sense that they'd finally include her in one of the films.

Who is the lady at the end of multiverse of madness?

A silver-haired woman in an ornate purple costume appears behind him—and she's played by none other than Charlize Theron (The MCU's latest big get.) This is the official MCU introduction to Clea. In comic book lore, Clea is the niece of Dormammu, the evil intergalactic entity from the first Doctor Strange.

Will Wanda come back?

Therefore, it's safe to say that Scarlet Witch will ultimately make her comeback in the MCU. After all, Wanda was dubbed the crown jewel of the Multiverse Saga, which means that her story cannot end so soon.

How many Easter eggs are at the end of Dr Strange multiverse of madness?

These 20 Easter Eggs In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Will Blow Your Mind. We found 20 Easter Eggs in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!

How many endings does Dr Strange have?

There are two Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scenes. The first one comes after the usual flashy Marvel credits sequence (featuring the names of all the major actors).

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