Who does Omori have a crush on? (2023)

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Who is Omori love interest?

AUBREY is one of SUNNY's childhood friends. In the DREAM WORLD, AUBREY is shown to have feelings for OMORI. Due to OMORI's apathy and silence, her advances on him are ignored or unreciprocated, with the exception of a fully leveled "LOOK AT OMORI" FOLLOW-UP.

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Are sunny and BASIL dating?

Sunny is Basil's best friend, and he takes more pictures of him than any of the other members of the party. They were more in tune with each other than the rest of their peer party. "I always end up venting to him when I get upset or stressed," one of the captions in Basil's photo album reads.

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Is Sunny a mute?

Sunny, OMORI's real-world alter-ego, has shut himself off from the world for four years, leaving him shy and effectively mute.

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Is Sunny Omori a boy?

Sunny is the main protagonist of the psychological horror game Omori. He is controlled by the player during the day and at times the night when he is not sleeping.

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Is Sunny a girl Omori?

Sunny is default name of the player character and silent main protagonist in OMORI.
birthdayJuly 20
locationSunny's House
2 more rows
13 Sept 2022

Who is the real villain in Omori?

Something is the main antagonist of the 2020 psychological horror game Omori. It is a shadowy entity that constantly haunts the main character Sunny as well as the titular deuteragonist Omori, and could be considered their arch-nemesis as a result.

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Is Basil non binary Omori?

Conversation. basil is non binary and pan!!

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What did basil do to Sunny's eye?

Eventually, both boys are so severely injured that they cannot continue fighting, with BASIL having stabbed SUNNY'S right eye with his shears.

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Is Basil a boy?

Basil is a boy's name of Greek origin. Along with referring to the eponymous herb, Basil also translates to “royal” and “kingly.” It originally stems from the Greek name Basileios, who was a ruler of the Byzantine Empire.

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What is SUNNY gender?

The name Sunny is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Sunny.

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Is Meow dead Omori?

She is not present in reality, having apparently vanished after Mari's death, and can only be seen in a few Photo Album images. It's implied that Mari got her around the 20th of July, as Basil refers to her as "Mari's new kitten" in the photo album.

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Why did Basil stab SUNNY?

BASIL attacks SUNNY to get rid of his perceived "something behind you" that killed MARI instead of SUNNY. This will result in the boys being severely injured and SUNNY losing function in his right eye.

Who does Omori have a crush on? (2023)
What is Sunny's real name?

Susan Soonkyu Lee (born May 15, 1989), known professionally as Sunny, is a Korean-American singer and entertainer based in South Korea. She debuted as a member of girl group Girls' Generation (and later its subgroup Girls' Generation-Oh!

Was Mari abusive Omori?

Big Bad: Mari in the first and second stories is Sunny's sexual abuser and the cause of all his trauma. Even after her death, her actions cast a shadow in the two following stories.

Is Basil taller than Sunny?

He also appears shorter than most of his friends, being as tall if not shorter than SUNNY.

Why did Mari hang herself?

When AUBREY visits the TREEHOUSE with everyone else, she takes a pinwheel and places it on the stump of the tree where MARI hanged herself to honor her memory.

Is Omori a real name?

The Omori family name was found in the USA, the UK, and Canada between 1891 and 1920. The most Omori families were found in USA in 1920. In 1920 there were 14 Omori families living in Hawaii. This was about 36% of all the recorded Omori's in USA.

How old is everyone Omori?

Headspace. Age Lift: Omori was an older teen in the original blogs, and the kids meant to be Aubrey, Hero and Kel in the Omori's Story one-shot were presumably around the same age as him. In the game, all the kids except Hero are around the age of twelve, and Hero is around fifteen.

Can a 13 year old play OMORI?

Mature Content Description

This game contains depictions of depression, anxiety, and suicide, and may not be suitable for all audiences. It also contains bright flashing imagery that may cause discomfort and/or seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Are HERO and MARI dating in OMORI?

Mari and Hero were a couple prior to her death, this is shown in Basil's photo album. Prior to the events of the game, Mari would spend a lot of time practicing the piano and taking college prep classes. Because of this, she would spend less time with her younger brother, Sunny.

Is OMORI a girl or a boy?

OMORI is a young boy who wears a black tank top, long black socks, and black and white striped shorts. He is the only character to be colored black and white in contrast with the colorful residents of HEADSPACE, and he is also the only character to have blank eyes with no pupils.

What did BASIL do to Mari?

Terrified of what would happen to Sunny, Basil convinced him to drag Mari's body to the large tree in the backyard and hang her from it to stage her death as a suicide.

Why is AUBREY's hair pink?

Aubrey, believing that her friends had just moved on from Mari's death and didn't care, would become angry, dying her hair pink and becoming friends with the Hooligans, and eventually becoming their leader.

Is Sunny's last name Suzuki?

Sunny's last name is Suzuki, which is a common fanon surname for him. Kel's full name is Kelsey Desoto. Similarly, Hero's real name is Henry Desoto. Aubrey's full name is Aubergine Williams.

What is BASIL's trauma?

Basil became traumatised from seeing Mari's lifeless hair scattered across the floor, a sight that would eventually develop into his Something. Following Mari's death, the friends split up, prompting Basil to spiral into depression.

Did SUNNY's dad leave?

At some point, SUNNY'S DAD separated from SUNNY'S MOM, leaving her and SUNNY behind. The reason for this is unknown, though it is likely that it was partly due to the grief caused by MARI's supposed suicide.

What happens if you dont save BASIL?

Fresh basil doesn't expire per-say, but it will start to rot or mold if you don't preserve it. If well preserved, it will last for a long time. But it's best to use stored basil within a few months, and replenish your stash with a new batch from your garden every year.

Does basil mean love?

Basil is one tasty little plant, but it's suffered a symbolism identity crisis over the years. Originally meaning “hate,” it later became embraced as a symbol of love. During the Victorian era Sweet Basil conveyed “good wishes” to the receiver. In Italy, a man who accepted basil from a woman was destined to marry her.

Does basil need full son?

Basil thrives in full sun, at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Proper sunlight and well-draining soil that is kept moist, not soaked or dry, enable it to reach maximum growth potential. If you grow them from seeds, it is best to harden these aromatic herbs to full sun as soon as the seedling has 4 leaves.

Is basil a villain?

Type of Villain

Basil is the main antagonist of the 2011 Finnish computer-animated film The Magic Crystal. He is the brother of Santa Claus who plans on becoming him and the archenemy of Yotan.

What is Sunny's eye color?

Sunny has tawny, unusually bright golden-yellow scales for a SandWing that have been described to look like rippled sunshine. She has golden wings, talons, and ears, a small head, snout, and claws, and moss-colored, gray-green eyes.

How old is Omori Mari death?

(He's confirmed to be 15 in Headspace, where Omori is frozen at age 12, and Sunny is 12 the day Mari died.)

Is Sunny a guy name?

The name Sunny is both a boy's name and a girl's name . Upbeat nickname-name that can't help but make you smile, along with its soundalike Sonny. Sunny Pawar, the five-year-old star of the 2016 smash-hit movie Lion, was cast from among thousands of young hopefuls after auditioning at his school in Mumbai.

Are MARI and hero dating?

It is implied they were dating, but it was never properly confirmed if they actually were. The pair often supervising everyone else. After Mari's death, Hero was truly sadden as his love interest just died (which he believed she committed suicide), so he was shocked to know, and very upset.

Is Hero depressed in OMORI?

HERO became severely depressed and secluded himself from his friends, family, school and hobbies for about a year. KEL tried to encourage HERO one day, but this resulted in HERO taking out his grief and anger on KEL.

What happens if you lose hangman OMORI?

Losing Hangman in the alternate route will result in the game crashing after a minor jumpscare. However, the game will make an autosave before this happens, and reopening the game will immediately load the data, resulting in no progress loss.

What is the true ending in Omori?

To access the Good Ending while on the Sunny Route, the player must choose to continue after dying to Omori. Certain options the player can choose will change, and the game will play out, allowing the player to finally defeat Omori for good. This will also allow players to gain the 'One more day…' achievement.

What race is sunny Omori?

Sunny: Japanese. Hero & Kel: Salvadoran. Aubrey: Mixed American Korean. Basil: token white (srry Basil)

What happens if you let BASIL drown?

Basil roots need access to air, or they stop working. That's not what you want since roots are the basis of your plants, sending water and nutrients upwards which are needed for survival. Essentially, overwatering suffocates your root systems and causes problems quickly.

Who is Sunny's husband?

What are Sunny's phobias?

SOMETHING IN THE DARK's battle theme is named Acrophobia, referencing how SUNNY likely has acrophobia (an irrational fear of heights). If SUNNY does not calm down 10 turns after learning it, he'll take 143 damage from SOMETHING IN THE DARK.

Who is Sunny's sibling?

Eclipse (Sunny's Sister)

What mental illnesses does Omori have?

Omori has no age rating but might not be suitable for all audiences as it contains depictions of depression and suicide. Bright flashing scenes in the game might also affect those with photosensitive epilepsy.

How did Omori hurt his eye?

STORY. Upon deciding to save BASIL from his torment and suffering, SUNNY will confront his best friend to stop him from committing suicide. The two boys end up fighting each other, and SUNNY ends up getting his right eye stabbed in the process.

Does Omori have to stab himself?

Mewo does not have to be killed. Omori gains access to the menu and can stab himself as soon as the Butler gives him the key. The Punishment Area is the only Black Space room to completely lack Red Hands, as Omori must stab himself to leave instead.

Does basil like rain?

Besides that, you should also note the following:

the basil does not tolerate rain with strong sun exposure. inside, the royal herb prefers a bright spot on the window, without direct sun. spots above radiators are not suitable during the heating period and provoke the plant to dry.

Who is the youngest character in Omori?

SALLY is the youngest FARAWAY character in the game.

How hot can basil get?

Whether you plant indoors or outdoors, basil certainly has a few preferences. According to an article from Bonnie Plants, basil thrives in warm temperatures: 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (about 27 to 32 degrees Celsius) is the ideal temperature range, with six to eight hours of direct sunlight per day.

Are hero and Mari dating Omori?

It is implied they were dating, but it was never properly confirmed if they actually were. The pair often supervising everyone else. After Mari's death, Hero was truly sadden as his love interest just died (which he believed she committed suicide), so he was shocked to know, and very upset.

What is space boyfriends name Omori?

CAPTAIN SPACEBOY, also known as SPACE BOYFRIEND, is a character in OMORI. He is the leader of the SPACE PIRATES that traverse the galaxies of HEADSPACE and a major antagonist for the PROLOGUE segment of the game.

Did Mari and Hero date Omori?

She was friends with HERO and later became friends with KEL, AUBREY, and BASIL. The group would often spend time together, with a romantic relationship forming between her and HERO. MARI also had a black cat named MEWO as well.

Who is Aubrey shipped with in Omori?

Maribrey is a popular ship within the Omori fandom. Fans may prefer them platonically instead due to the age range between the two. A common theory in the fandom for the ship is that Aubrey may of had a crush on Mari, though it is never confirmed it is still believed by fans of the pair.

What did basil do to SUNNY's eye?

Eventually, both boys are so severely injured that they cannot continue fighting, with BASIL having stabbed SUNNY'S right eye with his shears.

Why did OMORI push his sister?

On the day of the recital, Mari and Sunny had an argument due to Mari's perfectionism, which resulted in him accidentally pushing her down the stairs, killing her.

Is MEWO OMORI a girl?

MEWO is a black cat often found in WHITE SPACE. She is usually shown sleeping, not doing that much other than informing OMORI on how to escape WHITE SPACE after he is teleported there upon BASIL finding a photo.

Is Hero in love with MARI?

It is implied by BASIL that HERO and MARI were in a romantic relationship. However, their relationship status was ambiguous. Whether this was because they did not want to make MARI's dad upset, or for other reasons, is unclear. After MARI's death, HERO became depressed and reclusive for almost a year.

Is Meow dead OMORI?

She is not present in reality, having apparently vanished after Mari's death, and can only be seen in a few Photo Album images. It's implied that Mari got her around the 20th of July, as Basil refers to her as "Mari's new kitten" in the photo album.

How old is Hero OMORI real world?

age15 (Headspace) Approx. 19 (Real world)
birthdayJanuary 1st
locationNeighbor's Room
2 more rows
16 Aug 2022

What is hero real name in Omori?

Hero, also known by his presumed real name Henry, is one of the three deuteragonists of the 2020 psychological horror RPG OMORI. He is one of Sunny's friends and the eldest in the group, as well as Mari's boyfriend and Kel's older brother.

Does Omori have a true ending?

The Good Ending, also known as the True Ending within the game data of OMORI, can only be accessed via the Sunny Route of the game. The Sunny Route is easy enough to get onto – simply choose to open the door each day for Kel when he knocks.

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